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What is the purpose of laboratory drying oven

What is the purpose of laboratory drying oven

Oct 27, 2022
Many applications require laboratory drying ovens to remove moisture from samples. They are a necessity in many environmental, clinical and biological laboratories and forced air and come in many different forms. This blog will explain what laboratory drying ovens are and what they are used for.

Standard Drying Oven vs Laboratory Drying Oven

Standard drying ovens are designed to remove moisture from the oven chamber to dry samples as quickly as possible. This type of oven brings fresh, dry air into the chamber while removing moist air. This dries the sample quickly, however, it requires an airflow system that can extract moisture from the air.

Laboratory drying ovens are designed to heat samples only. This means that the oven will continuously circulate the same air around the chamber and provide heating only. Both oven options are effective and used to meet different requirements.

The Importance of Laboratory Drying Ovens

Laboratory drying ovens are an invaluable aspect of everyday workflow, and their use can range from simple glassware drying to complex controlled heating applications. Laboratory drying ovens provide temperature stability and reproducibility for all application needs.

Gravity convection ovens work on the basis of the rising temperature distribution of warm air. These laboratory drying boxes do not use fans to actively distribute air indoors and have very low turbulence.

Mechanical convection ovens use an integrated fan to actively move air from the room, creating an even temperature distribution in the room. This means optimum temperature uniformity and highly reproducible results.

Uses of laboratory drying ovens

Laboratory drying ovens can be used to control the temperature and keep it safe. They are also frequently used in testing and drying biological samples and in forensic laboratories to assist in the development of fingerprints. In addition, laboratory drying ovens can be used in environmental studies to dry samples before and after weighing to determine the moisture content of the samples.

XCH Biomedical Laboratory Vacuum Drying Oven
At XCH Biomedical, our laboratory drying ovens are designed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability in an energy-efficient, compact package and are available in benchtop or floor-standing configurations, providing greater flexibility in laboratory organization and layout .

Manufactured to strict quality, assembly and design standards, our laboratory drying ovens are designed to include robust steel cabinets that are coated with epoxy powder for durability and protection.

XCH Biomedical laboratory drying cabinets feature durable and easy-to-use latches. Temperature distribution throughout the oven allows full use of all shelf space, with additional shelves available on request.

If you would like to know more about our laboratory drying cabinets, please contact us now for more information on vacuum oven manufacturer Thchamber.

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