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Why use Stability Chambers in the pharmaceutical industry?

Why use Stability Chambers in the pharmaceutical industry?

Nov 24, 2022
The operation of a stability chamber is based on the basic idea that by maintaining a constant temperature and humidity chamber, a constant relative humidity value will be maintained as well. The ratio of how much water is in the air to how much it might theoretically store is known as relative humidity. With a rise in current temperature, the amount of water that air can contain increases, resulting in a drop in relative humidity. This is how
both settings are automatically modified at the same time. The temperature in the stability chamber should not vary more than two to three degrees, and the humidity should not fluctuate more than 5%.

The chamber’s outer and inner bodies are comprised of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with the inner body insulated properly. Inside the chamber, there are several shelves for storing products that may be readily removed. Sensors are also fitted to the chamber to detect temperature and humidity levels. The controlled airflow inside the chamber ensures that temperature and humidity remain consistent. For improved uniformity of essential conditions, horizontal laminar airflow is suggested. Even when the shelves are fully loaded with samples, they will receive a continuous flow of air using this system. The linked blowers ensure that the sir is circulated properly. Receiving and transferring data is done with data loggers.

Stability chambers have a wide range of applications. They play a vital role in the final stages of product production. It is also used in the automotive industry, cosmetics industry, packaging, biological or microbiological testing, research and various other fields. The Pharmaceuticals segment is responsible for creating, researching and marketing medicines that benefit medical science. Since these treatments will benefit large numbers of people in many parts of the world, proper drug production becomes a top priority. When individuals manufacture and ingest defective medicines, side effects and dangerous symptoms can occur. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct drug stability testing in various environments.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the stability chamber is used for this purpose only. They assist in drug testing under various variables such as temperature, humidity, pH, radiation, etc. They are also used to see how long a product will last before needing to be replaced. Stability chamber testing also reveals information about the integrity of product packaging. This test can save you a lot of time and money by alerting you to errors in your medicine that could make it harmful in a particular setting. This test can also be used to determine the expiration date of a drug. The shelf life of a drug is the amount of time a drug remains effective from the date of manufacture when stored under specific conditions. This value must be determined using a stability test chamber and displayed on the packaging for consumer awareness. These chambers are also used to store pharmaceutical samples that require stable conditions that cannot be obtained through natural sources, as they maintain the required stable and uniform temperature. Proper maintenance and inspection of chambers should be a priority in the pharmaceutical sector to ensure correct drug testing.

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Who provides the best stability chamber solution?
Environmental Chamber Manufacturer Thchamber stability chambers have been carefully constructed and developed to meet the stringent requirements of climate testing and stability investigations. The chamber features FDA/ICH stability standards to provide out-of-the-box control and consistent temperature and humidity.

Thchamber stability chamber has specific guidelines, structural integrity and measurement equipment that allow accurate recording of test data to keep the chamber running smoothly through rigorous testing cycles over many years.

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