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Laboratory biochemical incubator and mildew incubator

Laboratory biochemical incubator and mildew incubator

Dec 08, 2021
The purpose of the laboratory incubator is to provide a controlled and pollution-free environment for the safe and reliable work of cell and tissue cultures by adjusting conditions such as temperature, humidity and CO2.

Laboratory incubators are essential for the growth and storage of bacterial culture, cell and tissue culture, biochemical and hematological research, pharmaceutical work, and food analysis. According to the different temperature control range, the laboratory incubator is suitable for different fields. XCH Biomedical has biochemical incubators, which are widely used in scientific research and production departments such as environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, agricultural, livestock and aquatic products, drug testing, cell culture, etc.; bacterial incubators, mainly mold incubators. The mold incubator is a special constant temperature equipment for BOD detection of water body analysis, mold and other microorganism cultivation, and is widely used in research institutions for sanitation and epidemic prevention, agriculture, animal husbandry and aquatic products. In addition, we also have industrial incubators, heating incubators for scientific research and industrial production such as medical and health, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural sciences for bacterial cultivation, fermentation and constant temperature testing.

The laboratory incubator is a heated insulated box used to cultivate and maintain microorganisms or cell cultures. The incubator maintains the optimal temperature, humidity and gas content of the internal atmosphere. Many incubators include a programmable timer that can be set to cycle between different temperature and humidity levels. Incubators vary in size, from desktop units to large cabinet-sized systems.

There are many different types of laboratory incubators, including dry bath incubators with single or double blocks, mold incubators and biochemical incubators, biological oxygen demand (BOD) devices suitable for insect or plant research, shaking incubators, Hybridization furnace, bioreactor and various laboratory test rooms.

What is the difference between a mold incubator and a biochemical incubator?

1. The difference in use
The laboratory mildew incubator is used by universities, medical, military, electronics, chemistry, and biological research departments for bacteria storage and biological cultivation. It is a necessary testing equipment for scientific research laboratories. Biochemical incubators are widely used in environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, drug inspection, agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture and other scientific research, institutions, production departments, water quality analysis and BOD determination, bacteria, mold, microbial cultivation, preservation, plant cultivation, breeding experiments, special constant temperature equipment. Because it is not used, the mold incubator is equipped with a germicidal lamp, but the biochemical incubator is not installed.

2. The difference in function
The functional difference between mold incubator and biochemical incubator is the difference between humidity control and killing functions. The biochemical incubator does not have the function of regulating and not killing, but also has the function of regulating and killing. The mold incubator has two options of humidification and non-humidification. The biochemical incubator does not have the humidification option. In many cases, there is no humidification and mold incubator. The biochemical incubator has the difference in UV disinfection function.

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